Capability Enhancement and Development Scheme

Students of our institution are given training for various programs under these schemes. These programs are mainly aimed at improving their personal skills, communication skills, physical and mental health, boosting their confidence levels and thereby transforming them into socially responsible citizens in order to face the competent world.

Soft Skills Development

Soft skills development means building  one’s personality, behavior and interpersonal skills that are  very much essential for students to interact  with each other. In our institution, students are given training under various soft skill development programs which guide them to increase their ability to perform effectively and harmoniously with others.

The following are the programs which are  provided to the students of our institution: 

Language and Communication Skills Development:

Language skills and communication skills are two different entities but still interconnected with each other. In our institution, programs are conducted under  language and communication skills development  with an objective to clarify the difference between them and ensure wide knowledge to the students about both these concepts and hence refining their grammar, vocabulary and phonetics. The primary purpose of the program is making  communication skills of our students easier and effective verbally and non verbally. 

Yoga and Wellness

Yoga is the best holistic approach for the physical, mental and emotional well  being of an individual. As it is an integral part of our life, APDCH ensures to conduct regular yoga and wellness programs for our students  to practice not just asanas and pranayamas but also the following: 


Yoga – A better Self Care


Sound Body and Sound Mind


               Yoga for health


Pranayama and Meditation


Union of Mind, Body & Energy.

Analytical Skill Development

Learning to analyse and solving problems is the most effective way to improve your aspects of life.  Conducting programs under this scheme will help to improve the analytical skills of our students thereby yielding better results.This will make them being alert and remaining stimulated, force their brains to think in a new innovative way. This in turn  encourages our students to view ideas and problem solving  from a different perspective . The learning outcome of the analytical skill development  scheme is to widen theknowledge,  cognitive abilities of the students and to make them think deeply and logically.

Human Value Development

Human values and Ethics define the quality of a person in  an organisation. Our primary objective is to inculcate human values and ethical principles in our students.Hence, we conduct various programs related to  human values to ensure this culture in our institution.The learning outcome of this program is to create a glowing environment enriched with value based practices.

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Personality and Professional Development

In today’s competitive world, all the youngsters are subjected to tremendous pressue in establishing a niche for distinguishing  themselves from one another . The goals of organizing personality and professional development trainings is to enrich the mindsets of the students in order to face the wordly challenges.The learning outcome of the program is to help the student understand the harmony in existence of their profession. The uniqueness of this program is to make our students aware of life skills such as the following:

Employability Skills Development

Nowadays, in addition to the academic qualification every student must pursue a diverse set of skills to improvise their efficiency. In our institution, employability skill development programs are conducted on a regular basis to focus on building up their employability that are  much  in demand at work place. Thus, improvising this skill will make our students stand unique from others while competing with their peers of similar academic qualification.