CDE Programs


The institution engages LMS for providing the e-learning platform to the students and faculty. The features of LMS are best exploited for making it as a major teaching-learning tool to disseminate knowledge to our students.


All faculty members and students are provided with an individual portal with a unique login ID and password for accessing the LMS. Faculty members can access only their subject portal, profile, committee meeting schedules, important circulars, while students are provided access to all the subjects of study in that academic year as well as their attendance and daily activities.The lecture material is uploaded by the respective faculty at least one week prior to the class session along with MCQ. They are asked to submit the answers by the end of the day.


All our lecture halls are provided with a desktop computer, wireless internet, overhead projector and collar mikes with speakers. The presentation is projected onto a large white screen. Recorded classes can be viewed by students in their laptops / tabs.

IT Department

Our faculty members and students are well versed in handling the IT gadgets which empowers them to keep pace with the latest technological advancements in dental education. A dedicated Information Technology Department capable of providing both hardware and software support, is available at all times. The Software Developers provide required training to the faculty members in the usage of Hospital Management System to enhance the mode of treating patients.

Student Facilites

All our students, upon admission are provided with Tab (from 2020 and 2021 onwards).Our institution is in the process of moving towards a 3-dimensional method of teaching which will enable the students to clearly visualize the anatomy and understand the subjects. Therefore faculty members are provided with a Tab to deliver key areas of the session in a 2-dimensional view to ensure comprehensive understanding.

IT Devices

Desktop computers, with high speed internet connection are available in all departments of the college. Any academic related work can be carried out with the help of the IT enabled facilities. The computers are inter-linked with internal storage drives which enable access of the data/information stored in one place from any other part of the campus. All the systems are also equipped with antivirus and web page blocking software which prevents access to non-academic websites.

Technological Innovations

Our institution also possesses latest technological innovations which assist in the diagnosis of dental conditions like Radio Visuography, Digital Ortho phantomograph, and digital microscope. These computer assisted aids help in instant diagnosis and effective treatment planning for our patients. All the radiographs are instantly uploaded into the server and they can be accessed by any Department through the login portal of the X-ray server. An important benefit of this system is in saving of time and money by avoiding unnecessary printing of the mages.The faculty members also provided access to online library resources from TNMGR e-consortium and EBSCO Host for updating their knowledge regularly.
The details of professional development / administrative training programmes organized by the Institution for teaching and non- teaching staff /technical staff during the last five years (Continuing education programmes, entrepreneurship development programmes, Professional skill development programmes, Training programmes for administrative staff etc.,) are listed below:

Year Title of the professional development Programme organised for teaching staff Dates: From – To Title of the administrative training Programme organised for non-teaching staff Dates: From – To
2020-21 Pedofeast 2021 28-10-2021 Medical records auditing 02-12-2021
2020-21 Sakthi Omface 2021 24-09-2021 5S/ house keeping practice 25-01-2021
2020-21 Race 2021 07-09-2021 New HIS –stores Module/Indenting/ New purchase inventory 01-07-2021
2020-21 Cde webinar 28-06-2021 Fire safety measures 09-08-2020
2020-21 Periosakthi 2021 26-03-2021
2020-21 Arro – C 2K21 24-03-2021
2020-21 Micron 2021 03-12-2020
2020-21 Cons And Endo Cde Program 24-02-2021
2020-21 Prostho Insight 2021 22-01-2021
2020-21 webinar Phd Cde 12-03-2020
2020-21 Omr – unplugged 11-11-2020
2020-21 Dentinar 1.0 27-10-2020
2020-21 Sakthi Omface 2020 25-09-2020
2019-20 Prostho Insight 2020 27-06-2020 COVID awareness 17-03-2020
2019-20 Triple O Meet 02-06-2020 Spill management 03-10-2020
2019-20 Micron 2020 – IHC 13-03-2020 Cleaning and disinfection protocol 20-02-2020
2019-20 Arrow C 2K20 10-03-2020 Hand washing techniques training 31-10-2019
2019-20 Ooo-Symposium 28-01-2020
2019-20 Funding For Research 05-12-2019
2019-20 Management Of Hard And Soft Tissue Around Dental Implants 18-11-2019
2019-20 Omr-Unplugged 13-11-2019
2019-20 Pedofeast 2019 31-10-2019
2019-20 Sakthi Om Face 2019 20-09-2019
2019-20 Periosakthi-19 13-09-2019
2019-20 Race 2019 12-07-2019
2018-19 OOO Symposium on Tumors of Jaw Bones 14-03-2019 Oral hygiene sensitization 02-08-2019
2018-19 Arro C 2K19 13-03-2019 Customer care sensitization 01-10-2019
2018-19 Anti Ragging Awarness Programme 20-12-2018 NABH Induction training 13/10/2018
2018-19 Prostho-Insight 13-12-2018 continual improvement – Kaizen for non-teaching staff 17/06/2018
2018-19 CDE Program – Overview of White and Red lesion 21-11-2018
2018-19 Pedofeast -2018 17-10-2018
2018-19 Micron 2018 10-10-2018
2018-19 Ortho Day – 2K18 05-10-2018
2018-19 sakthi omface 2018 20-09-2018
2018-19 Periosakthi – 2K18 07-09-2018
2018-19 Smile Design 23-08-2018
2018-19 Orthosearch 2k18 13-08-2018
2017-18 Ballistic Trauma  – An Insight  About Gun Shot Injuries In Maxillofacial Trauma 03-08-2018
2017-18 Viral Infections Of Head And Neck Regions 11-05-2018 Biomedical Waste Management 14-05-2018
2017-18 Race 2018 03-05-2018 Employee health insurance benefits 26-04-2018
2017-18 Direct Filling Gold 06-03-2018 Basic Life Support 03-12-2018
2017-18 Cde On Hair Transplant 13-02-2018 Facility management and safety measures training 23-08-2017
2017-18 Challenges In Prosthodontics 22-01-2018
2017-18 Cde Programme On Anemia 03-01-2018
2017-18 Restosakthi –  Amalgam Alternatives 19-12-2017
2017-18 OOO Symposium – Inter Disciplinary Approach 15-12-2017
2017-18 Sensitization program for dental graduates 05-12-2017
2017-18 Saigner – Cde On Haematology For Dental Graduates 06-11-2017
2017-18 Pathscope –  Cde program On Salivary Gland Tumour 11-10-2017
2017-18 Ortho day 2k17 05-10-2017
2017-18 National Integrated Typhodont Work Shop (Nitw) – Edge Wise To Lingual 21-09-2017
2017-18 Pedofeast 12-09-2017
2017-18 TMJ symphosium 14-07-2017
2016-17 Pedofeast -CDE program 11-04-2017 Tobacco ill effects awareness program 29-03-2017
2016-17 Race 2017 30-03-2017 Personal hygiene awareness 01-04-2017
2017-18 Periosakthi 2017 10-03-2017 Radiation safety measures 16-12-2016
2016-17 Prostho insight 2017 24-02-2017 Instruments drying,washing and packing- sterilization 08-04-2016
2016-17 Oral & Maxillofacial surgeons day – 2017 13-02-2017
2016-17 Tobacco usage and oral cancer awareness program 10-02-2017
2016-17 Orthosearch 17 18-01-2017
2016-17 MBT mechanics cde program Orthodontics 22-12-2016
2016-17 Introducing biostatistics in dentistry 25-11-2016
2016-17 CDE program on ” PHD in dentistry scope and challenges” 09-11-2016
2016-17 OOO Symposium 01-11-2016
2016-17 Pathscope 2016 26-08-2016
2016-17 Estheticon 07-07-2016