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Dr.Dhamodharan Umapathy, Ph.D.,

Research Consultant


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Thermally Expanded Graphite Incorporated with PEDOT:PSS Based Anode for Microbial Fuel Cells with High Bioelectricity Production

Journal of The Electrochemical Society



Dr. Dhamodharan Umapathy

Association of MICA gene Exon-5 polymorphism in oral submucous fibrosis

Oral Surgery, Oral Medicine, Oral Pathology and Oral Radiology



Dr. Dhamodharan Umapathy

Statistical Software’s : APDCH
Our Incubation Centre

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More on Incubation Centre
The Incubation Centre For Innovation

The institution has established a favourable environment for young researchers to plan and execute research thoughts and cultivate the habit of innovation and develop newer ideas with realistic . This system also allows young minds to protect their intellectual properties and at the same time successfully develop newer products promoting start ups exclusively for dental products.

Area of Research Focus

The centre is primarily focussed in research activities in areas of various oral pathologies like     cyst, tumors and cancerous lesion.

All clinical research activities are promoted to bring about revolutionary changes in the medical field and be a centre of excellence with high impact research activities.

Vision & Mission

VISION is to create a culture where creativity and innovation are stimulated by Intellectual Property & Innovation for the benefit of all for promoting advancement in science and technology, arts and culture, traditional knowledge and biodiversity resources. It’s MISSION is to foster creativity and innovation and thereby, promote entrepreneurship and enhance socio-economic development, improve access to healthcare, food security and environmental protection, among other sectors of vital social, economic and technological importance for the benefit of India and society at large

Advanced Research Equipments

The research departments have state of art facilities and have latest equipments like  PCR,ELISA,CENTRIFUGER, ADVANCED BLOOD ANALYSER

Collaborative Activities

Interdepartmental, inter institutional and inter speciality collaboration is the need of the hour. Various projects requires multiple professional inputs and opinions to develop newer concepts and products. At our institute students are encouraged and guided with opportunities to interact with various speciality people within the campus, sister concerns and other mutual centre of excellence  to develop the dream projects into reality.

Patent and copyrights

Intellectual property rights and it’s importance are imparted to students and faculty members through various programs conducted at our college. At present any student or faculty member can approach the incubation centre to register their idea and periodically work on that. Institute supports their ideas, guides them to reach the goal and successfully enrol for patency. Institute also provides support to fund such products. It is not just patent filling, effective development of newer products and launch products for commercialization is the ultimate goal. Through this individuals can achieve greater heights and by their achievements, the professional contribution of the teacher will be highlighted and collectively together everyone grow along with the institute gaining laurels. 

Protection of Intellectual properties 

Patent / Copyright