First Dental College In South India Accredited With Nabh

20, 21-03-2023 | News & Events
With the divine blessings of Arul Thiru Amma avargal and Thirumathi Amma Avargal & with constant support from our Beloved Correspondent sir and Principal .sir NABH Reassessment facility visit schedule was succefully completed on 20-3-23 and 21-3-23 leaded by the NABH team Principal assessor- Dr.Ketham and second assessor by Dr.Abhishek Gupta.The event started with Opening meet presentation by quality manager Mrs. Lakshmi sona followed by Inspection rounds across various departments.
Day 1 Facility visit assessment with Principal assessor- Dr.Ketham, second assessor by Dr.Abhishek Gupta, Prinicipal Dr.Sudhakar and NABH coordinator Dr.B.Nathiya- OPD / Service evaluation at Reception/Registration polices in MRD followed by witnessing of various clinical procedures across oral medicine and radiology department, Conservative dentistry and Endodontics department, CAD-CAM lab, Mock drill code blue activation and assessment ,Periodontic and implantology department, Prosthodontics department, Orthodontics department followed by Various committee activities, CAPA document review and Assessor team meeting debriefing of day 1 activities and Report writing
Day 2-Observation and assessment of clinical procedures in pedodontics department, CSSD- IC activity / surveillance evaluation, Clinical procedures evaluation in Oral and Maxillofacial surgery department, Minor OT, Oral pathology and Preventive community dentistry department, Maintenanace department , central stores, IT department, BMW segregation area followed by checking and verification of HR file, Statutory licence files, Hospital safety manual, Apex manual, Quality manual followed by overall day 1 and Day 2 assessor team meeting debriefing and report writing.

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